The story of my life has definitely been defined by all the cast who’ve come and gone along the way. Throughout each season the story changes a bit. This page is dedicated to this cast and just how grateful I am. There have been plenty of people who’ve helped me along the way, giving me advice, inspiring me to do better and giving me a laugh. With every person I meet, every experience and every conversation, I’ve grown as a person. A lot of who I am today and my interests can be traced back to someone, somewhere, who inspired me to try something new.

So if you’ve been a cast member in the life of Patrick, whether you’re my wonderfully supportive family who’ve helped me become who I am today (Mum and Dad especially – thank you so very much for everything, I strive every day to make you as proud as I can), Meri (the most beautiful girl in my world, my best friend, mio tutto di tutto, partner in adventuring, owner of the most beautiful smile around, resident of so many corners of my mind each day, an incredibly talented singer-songwriter and love of my life), her lovely family (whom allow me to be the most nerdy house guest ever with all my random projects I work on there), my best buds (otherwise known as the Robtonio entity), a good friend, a regular friend, a past friend (please contact me and say hi!), an online friend, a school teacher, a random person I’ve said hi to at some point or another who has actually had a conversation back (always nice when that happens), an acquaintance, God (scriptwriter for every season of this story so far!)… everyone really – thank you.