What do you do?

My current big endeavour is Dev Diner, a site for developers looking to get involved in emerging tech. I’m also a web developer, IoT/VR/AR/wearables enthusiast and tech addict living in South West Sydney. I love creating websites and exploring the possibilities that technology and the web can bring. I’m a SitePoint Contributing Editor with a focus on the Internet of Things, alongside authoring articles on web development too.

I’ve also written courses as an instructor at SitePoint Premium and O’Reilly.

I’m a Meta Pioneer (yay Augmented Reality!), Pebble Watch tinkerer and founder of PatCat Creative.

I’m a freelancer, so if you’d like a website, a front end developer, a WordPress guy, a Pebble watchapp, a BigCommerce site or any other sort of random tech creation, get in touch with me via my agency website.

What do you have experience developing in?

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • SASS and LESS
  • Foundation and Twitter Bootstrap
  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Bit of AngularJS
  • I’m a BigCommerce affiliate
  • Bit of Radiant, Joomla, Drupal, SharePoint, Grunt, Node.js and Express
  • I’ve played around with a bunch of other new technologies too: Meta AR glasses, Leap Motion, the Pebble Watch, Arduinos, Spark Core, Tessel, Myo Armband and Wit.ai. I plan on developing for VR soon too.

What are your interests outside of tech?

I enjoy photography and currently run a photowalk group in Sydney called the Sydney Photowalk Escapades of Daring Randomness which has been a blast so far. I enjoy drawing and writing but haven’t found the time to do either as often as I’d like.

I’m currently trying to learn to speak Italian using Duolingo and a tonne of Italian comic books I stocked up on after my last Italy trip!

Lastly, I spend a lot of time with the love of my life – Meri. She’s super pretty, an unbelievably talented musician and my best friend. I rarely go a day without seeing her and I am incredibly grateful to have her in my life. It wouldn’t be the same without her! One of my favourite things to do is have random adventures with her 🙂

My [Insert technology here] isn’t working, can you fix it?

Good question.

Was that you I saw in a cafe wildly flailing your arms in front of your laptop while a creepy looking electronics chip thing with lights blinked like crazy?

Quite likely.

What’s your favourite superhero?

Currently Kyle Rayner and Barry Allen are tied in first place but Wally West is pretty darn close too.

When is Hat Day again?

Every Wednesday, I strive to wear some form of hat and encourage others around the world to do the same. It’s a wonderful tradition I’ve had for the past few years. If you are reading this on a Wednesday, don’t you feel like today would be better if you had a wonderfully random hat on?

Do you really listen to Hanson?




AND like The O.C?


OMG I thought you were cool


What’s the meaning of life?

I think it’s all about being a positive influence in the world. Even if you’re not sure why you’re here or what you’re supposed to do with your life, you can’t go wrong bringing a smile to someone’s face, easing someone’s stress and helping those who need support.

Why won’t you accept most of my copied games/movies/songs?

I’m sorry to have refused. It’s nothing personal, I just avoid pirated games/movies/songs whenever possible and try to purchase them instead. I think if people put the effort into creating something worthwhile, then I want to pay for it and keep the industry running. I know all the counter arguments and I agree with a lot of them but I still try to buy stuff when I can. I’m weird like that.

Do you ship internationally?

I’m very happy to ship myself out to your country, however I charge a fee dependent on how much plane tickets and airfare cost at the time. Slight discount if you live in Italy and you’re willing to shout me icecream and pizza. Bravissimo.