Tonight I gave a talk at Web Directions’ What Do You Know Sydney that was all about creating magic with JavaScript. It was five minutes, so there was not a lot of time to cover much in detail. Instead, I finished by saying I’d put up a post with links… this is that post!

The slides!

If you’d like to see the slides themselves, they’re here:
Want to try controlling them? You can do that here: (keep in mind there may be multiple people on there, so if it’s doing weird things… that’s why).

My IoT and JavaScript course

The one spot where I’ve put a lot of info on the basics of getting started with the IoT and JavaScript is in my online course over at O’Reilly. You can find that here: Introduction to IoT Programming with JavaScript.

My JavaScript and IoT SitePoint articles of note

There are a tonne of other examples around the web too. If you need any other help, have any other questions or just wanna say hi, feel free to contact me on Twitter at @thatpatrickguy or email me at pat (imagine a really cool at symbol here that only you with your human, non-email scraping bot can comprehend)

Thank you John Allsopp and Web Directions

I’d like to finish with a HUGE thank you to John Allsopp and Web Directions for having me once again. So much of my big journey into this space was started by my talk at Web Directions South a few years back. Thank you for really being a true inspiration and driving force for good in the tech scene. It truly wouldn’t be the same without you!

I think I spoke more in the past two hours to people than I have in the past two weeks, I had an absolute blast! Night everyone!

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