I’ve got a new SitePoint article up all about how to mute an incoming call using on{X}, the Leap Motion and NodeJS. It’s the same concept I presented at the Internet of Things Sydney Meetup and the Android User Group last month, a nice way to have it up and online for others to refer to and hopefully feel inspired to do something even more wizardly.

The article is up here:

Exciting times! Technology is seriously a bunch of fun right now.

I’ve got a new SitePoint article up entitled “Accessing localhost from anywhere”. It is my first non-JavaScript focused article for SitePoint and is all about the various tunnelling services you can use to test your locally hosted sites online and show them to clients. That first time I saw my localhost visible on my phone via the web… oh the inner tech geek excitement!

If you’re interested in having a read, it’s over here: