Want to enjoy some of those really funky transforms like rotating and scaling but tired of IE8 and below missing out on the fun? Never could be bothered calculating all those matrix filters for the IE beast?

In my attempt to get some rotation placing nicely, I found this “IE CSS3 Transforms Translator“. Pretty useful and saved me a lot of time!

Just a quick one which might help anyone getting stuck using the Flash FlowPlayer for audio file playback (might also be an issue with the HTML5 one, I haven’t started to implement that just yet!).

Audio metadata just wouldn’t come up for me! It would pick up the song and play it wonderfully but the song title… nowhere to be seen. Checking it on my PC showed ID3 tags were in place and all.

I was displaying metadata for my audio file similar to this:

	onStart: function(song) {
		var meta = song.metaData;
			"<p>" + meta.TIT2 + "</p>"

What was the issue?
Make sure that it isn’t encoded with both ID3v1 and ID3v2.3! It only needs IDv2.3. It seems that iTunes and a few other programs automatically add both. Having both confuses poor FlowPlayer and brings up no metadata!

How do you get rid of those tags?
Firstly, download Mp3tag. It’s free and worked well.

Open that up.

Go to Tools > Options > Tags > Mpeg and unchecking ID3v1 in the Write section.

Unchecking the ID3v1 write checkbox

Then go to File > Change Directory. Go to the directory your file is in. Click Open.

Find your file in the list, right click it and choose “Tag Cut”

Then right click it again and choose “Tag paste”.

Voila. Your file should now only have ID3. You can see in the tag column which tags are on the file:

I hope that saves some poor soul a whole heap of troubleshooting.