With 2012 here flouting it’s presence with fireworks, resolutions and constant Mayan doomsday references, I thought it would be the best time to reflect on what I learnt last year.

I can make time
The words “I didn’t have time” aren’t right. I had time. A whole 24 hours of it every day in 2012. I just chose to use it on something else. I didn’t make time.

If I want to grow, I have to open the door and let growth in
Opening up my mind to new ideas and perspectives was the best way to grow as a person. The hardest part of growing like this was letting go of the old ideas I’d become so attached to. New healthier habits, new perspectives on the world, new ways of doing things… All would never have been possible if I didn’t open up my mind.

There’s so much more to learn about myself, I just need more mirrors
I spent so much time with the same people that my definition of myself was trapped within the perspectives of these people. Meeting new people and becoming closer with them brought me to learn so much more about myself. What one group thinks of me isn’t who I am, it’s only one mirror held up with its own preconceptions and agendas. To really learn about myself and grow, I need to boost the range of mirrors I’m looking through and be willing to accept what I see.

Life is what I make it
Every major moment in my life was due to my own decisions at one point or another. If I want my life to go in a direction, I need to guide it there. It’s so much harder for it to wander there on its own.

To learn from mistakes they need to happen
The hardest lesson of all in 2011. I hate making mistakes. Especially ones which affect people around me. I’ve learnt that no matter how hard I try to be perfect, I’m going to make bad judgement calls at times. I’m going to mess up. The important bit is learning from each mistake. We all make mistakes but that doesn’t mean we need to make them a second time.

The best choices are the ones which are scary
The best new years resolution I made over the past two years was to do things I wouldn’t usually do. To push myself out of the comfort zone I’d become quite relaxed in. By breaking that boundary my life opened up to so much more. The best rewards came from the scariest actions.

Happy New Year everyone!