I’m currently looking for volunteers to help out with various short films. If you are interested, please go to the following form and fill in your details:


I’ll be filming lots of different styles of films but a lot of them will just be very light hearted and random videos made for fun. We might get into documentaries and more serious stuff eventually as well.

When you’ve got to shut down your PC as soon as possible and don’t want to worry about updates right away, Windows 7 seems to love forcing you to wait until updates have been done before shutting down. The shutdown button turns into an update and shutdown button instead, which isn’t helpful at all.

I have found that there is a way to shutdown without installing updates first. It’s just not in the start menu:

  1. Close all programs if you haven’t already.
  2. Press Alt + F4.
  3. Choose the option for shutting down without installing updates and click OK.

There are apparently other ways to change what Windows does but when you just need a quick solution to get your computer off without worrying about waiting for updates, this is my favourite way to do it.

I’ve recently updated my blog post about measuring path lengths in Google Earth as the old tool I’d used disappeared.

For some reason, this blog won’t let me add the following information to my previous post about paths in Google Earth so I’ve had to add a continuation here in this new post.

Using that data in Google Earth

Remember that question in my other post which asked if you wanted to update the KML Path file? As I said above, if you click “Yes, update” it updates the path you have stored in the clipboard with your path’s distance. Below explains how to use that in Google Earth

  1. After the distance is shown, you can go back into Google Earth and go to Edit > Paste:

    This pastes in the newly updated path

  2. Once you’ve pasted in the path, it’ll appear under your places in Google Earth (the same area your other paths appear in). It appears under the name “KmlFile”. You’ll likely need to expand it out by pressing the + icon next to the “KmlFile” path. As you’ll see, when you expand the view of the path the distance is now visible:

    The new path under "KmlFile"

Extra bonus info – using KML files

Alternatively using the Google Earth Path Measurer you can save the text you copied into a file using Notepad or another simple text editing program and save it as a .kml file. From there you click the “Calculate Distance from KML Path File” button instead of the “Calculate Distance from clipboard” button and the same process occurs using the file rather than your clipboard.

The measured path that is updated is instead stored in this .kml file rather than the clipboard and you go to File > Open to open the file rather than pasting the path in.

Many who know me well will know of my strange fascination with zombies. Today I had the urge to go on a search for zombie themed wallpaper on DeviantART. Thought I’d share the best of the bunch that I found for other zombie enthusiasts 🙂

Zombie X-ing
Nice, simple and effective! It’s my current wallpaper.


Zombie Wallpaper
Much darker of a feel but really cool!


Knock knock zombie apocalypse
Great concept!


Zombie Warning
Little disappointed it’s only available in 1024×768 but otherwise absolutely love it!


Survival Tracking Guide
Not totally zombie based but I thought it was hilarious.


Dead is the New Alive
Love the colours and textures in this one.


Zombie Apocalypse
Love the detail and textures in this one!


Zombie Love
Zombies totally need love too.