Just a bit of reminiscing about my old short film days at the moment. The days of spending ages with the PhranticTV team trying to think of something fun to film and then being kinda disappointed at the result… really want to get back into it though!

Anyway, it reminded me of how we did a parody of Nike’s awesome commercials where they kick a ball across the screen to each other. Ours was a nice little experiment which I was actually quite happy with. You’d be amazed at how hard it is to sync up well!

The Australian bid for the 2018-2022 World Cup actually copied Nike a little (wasn’t exactly the same but the same idea was used). So I wanted it known that we copied them first! Sure, we didn’t have any celebrities involved or girls in bikinis but we had fun doing it!

Here’s our parody:

Here’s the Australian bid for the 2018-2022 World Cup version:

I wasn’t able to find one of the better Nike commercials which used this, but this one uses the idea a little:

So, Google have finally revealed much more about their plans for a new operating system – Chrome OS. As someone who loves the web, bringing an OS which focuses solely on the web is a pretty interesting idea.

I actually had heard Microsoft were looking into doing something similar and found Windows Azure. From what I can tell both focus on cloud computing (pretty much involves having programs and all on the web rather than on PCs, all managed in one central location). They have different uses though and aren’t the same at all.

Google Chrome OS

Google’s OS pretty much involves taking away everything from your computer apart from the web browser. No applications or anything, just a browser. So the sole use of your PC becomes getting onto the internet. Every application you use from creating documents to email are all opened instead through the web browser (e.g. Google Documents, Gmail).

Overall, it’s an interesting idea. Google knows that it’s not for everyone (I can’t see myself being able to work with just a web browser, especially when I’m doing web design or playing games) but it’s brilliant for those who just want a fast and secure computer. For those who only use their PC for Microsoft Office, email and the web – Google’s OS will definitely be a simpler (and I’ll assume cheaper) option.

Here’s Google’s little animation explaining the Chrome OS for anyone who hasn’t seen it:

I also found a concept video which Engadget had on one of their Chrome OS articles, which shows what Chrome OS is likely to be like:

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s OS is being released in 2010. It’s mostly a developer release so far, so that developers can begin to develop programs for it. Its idea seems to revolve more around Microsoft hosting applications/data and managing it all for developers. Users then access the programs from the Internet.

Pretty similar to the cloud computing idea of Google’s Chrome OS except Microsoft Azure isn’t an OS for the users, it seems to be an OS that will be running at Microsoft for users to connect to using their own PCs with their own OSes. More like a back end OS from what I understand.

Interestingly, the main similarity is that both OSes use a sketch style video to explain themselves. Here is Microsoft Azure’s:

Personally, I liked Google’s video better. Microsoft’s video is aimed more at developers, whilst Google’s video is aimed at the average person. Google’s video is way more interesting and understandable.

Either way, it looks like we’ll be hearing even more about cloud computing over the next few years (maybe under a different name if the IBM and HP CEOs get their way). Thank goodness Mozilla isn’t looking to create their own operating system just yet.


The current Givoogle logo

The current Givoogle logo

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this idea before but this seems to be a much simpler implementation of it. Givoogle has a custom Google search bar with a banner ad underneath. All the funds made by the page views of that ad go to fighting cancer (apart from the small amount required to keep the site up and running).

So rather than having Google as your home page, why not have Givoogle instead? You’ll be earning money for charity and won’t have to put up with Sesame Street characters on your google logo any more (Yes, those Sesame Street anniversary logos have really irritated me the past few days)!

Note: This is actually by the same people who run GivesMeHope.com (SOTD from Nov 6th). I’m not affliated with them or anything, they’ve just managed to make two sites which I’ve thought have been worth sharing on here!

Absolutely brilliant. I want one! Knock the right combination and it unlocks your door for you.

Originally found at http://www.engadget.com/2009/11/04/secret-knock-door-lock-defends-home-from-rhythmically-impaired/

I was going onto UTS’ My Student Admin (an internal website for students where I was going to check the date and time of my exams) and noticed something which I thought was insanely redundant and poorly written. It’s probably just me being picky but it has irked me.

"Can't:" on its own line for what seems like no real reason at all.

"Can't:" on its own line for what seems like no real reason at all.

Couldn’t you remove “Can’t:” and adjust the links to “Accessing My Student Admin” and “Logging into My Student Admin”? If you really wanted to highlight that they can’t do something, why not make it obvious and have the links say “Can’t access My Student Admin?” and “Can’t log into My Student Admin?”

The fact that I get to this page after clicking a link which says “My Student Admin” is even more irritating… why not direct me straight there rather than to what seems to be an instruction and troubleshooting page?

Probably over reacting right?

Helium's nice and simple logo

Helium's nice and simple logo

Thought I’d share another site I found quite interesting which it seems isn’t too well known just yet! It’s a website which focuses on the sharing of knowledge, the encouragement for everyone to share what they know with the world and learn what others know. It reminds me of WikiHow and Google’s Knol. It has the openness of both WikiHow and Knol – anyone can contribute and the focus is on sharing knowledge. Unlike WikiHow where there is one article on each topic, there can be several articles on the same thing in Helium – it is actually encouraged. Different points of view can be expressed in their own article, new pieces of knowledge about a topic can be written without the original articles being affected in any way. It becomes more like one giant publication, with hundreds of authors and subjects.

I personally love the site. I love the idea of being able to read the viewpoints of different people around the world whilst being encouraged to write my own. Whilst I haven’t written any articles yet (haven’t found the time or the topic) it’s definitely something I’d like to give a try. The site has a huge focus on rewarding quality authors and seems to have a lot of potential. I’d love to see people I know posting up brilliant articles on there one day 🙂

Every now and then I’m planning on posting up a useful or interesting website and declaring it my “Site of the Day”. It probably won’t be every day but hopefully at least once a week or so!

Everybody seems to know about the famous FML.com website (and TextsFromLastNight too). While they have their hilarious moments, most of it is all pessimism, complaining and people laughing at the misfortunes of others. So it was really nice to come across GivesMeHope.com which encourages people to post up stories of good things that have happened in their life. It has to be one of the most inspirational sites I’ve seen on the web and definitely gives me hope that the world isn’t all bad.

Some examples of recent posts:

  • Today I got on the subway after a full day of shopping. I’m six months pregnant, it was rush hour and every seat was taken so I stood against a pole. I felt a tug on my sweater, and a little boy, no older than four, offered me and my baby his seat. He was the only person to offer and he GMH [link]
  • Yesterday, it was late and I was heading to my car in the parking lot after work and three young guys come up to me and start talking. I was scared, until one draped his arm around me and silently showed me a text on his phone, telling me there was a dodgy guy following me and that they would make sure I got to my car safely. Their kindness GMH. [link]
  • My friend was always depressed. One day, she attempted suicide and a guy she never really talked to at school visited her at the hospital. He said, “Don’t you dare do that again! You are the MOST beautiful girl that I have seen. EVER.” That was 6 years ago. They’re getting married this weekend. GMH [link]
  • When i was in elementary school i was a very shy child and didnt have any friends. So when it came to lunchtime i would sit all by myself at the far end of the table. The principal of my school realized this and sat and ate lunch with me everyday for months until i finally found some friends. I will never forget him, he GMH. [link]
  • Today, I was walking to my car after work. I saw a large rougher looking man walking out to a dumpster and covering something up. As I got closer, he leaned down and a kitten appeared from underneath.. he was sneaking food out to a baby kitten. GMH. [link]